Andrew got his stand-up comedy career started in 1997 as a dare he accepted from his university roommate at a Yuk Yuks in Windsor Ont.  Since then he has headlined in every province in Canada, he has also performed in the U.S. and England.  Andrew is an accomplished sketch writer and performer as well as an actor both on stage and on the silver screen. As a full time professional touring comic, Andrew has performed twice at the Just for Laughs festival, appeared at the Boston Comedy festival, The Moncton Hubcap Festival, he has four invites to The YYCOMEDY Calgary Festival, The HA! Festival in Quebec City and CBC televised All Star Gala at the Halifax Comedy Festival among others. His material has been heard on countless radio morning shows, XM radio as well as on CBC. Andrew is also very passionate about food and wine, becoming a sommelier in 2008. He is currently working on a project to combine his two greatest loves into a national television series. Last year he was booked 49 of 52 weekends, as soon as he hits the stage you will understand why.

Andrew Albert- Comedian
Andrew Albert in Action
Andrew Albert- Standup Comic

Comic History

Andrew Albert has a long history in the Canadian stand up comedy circuit…

1997 gets on a comedy stage for the first time as a dare, ends up placing 2nd in a competition.
1999 does the Just For Laughs Home Grown show.
1999 formed a Sketch group with some talented friends called the Bionic Yahoos
2000 performed in the young guns of comedy showcase at the Comedy Nest in Montreal.
2001 Andrew catches his silver screen debut in one of the worst movies of all time, Battlefield Earth, starring John Travolta. Andrew swears he had nothing to do with the failure of this film.
2001 Performs at the Just for Laughs with the sketch group.
2002 attends the Boston Comedy Fest with his Sketch group The Bionic Yahoos.
2002 worked with the Lakeshore Players in Montreal on many plays, including the lead as Mortimer in Arsenic and Old Lace
20052010 moved east to Halifax and got cast in many radio and television commercials including McDonalds, Toyota, Eastlink and 6/49.
2008 graduated as a sommelier through the CAPS program in Halifax.
2008 became a full time touring comic, sleeping on hundreds of couches from coast to coast.
2011 Television series debut. Andrew got to play a gay English barista in a French sitcom shot in New Brunswick called Random, very random. Show only ran one season. Once again Andrew swears it was not his fault.
2011 Performed at the Calgary Funny Fest.
2011 Moved to Calgary and took on a part time job as a trusted expert at Willow Park Wine and Spirits.
2012 taped a comedy special for CBC called “The New West”.
2012 Calgary Funnyfest again.
2013 performed at the Kootney Gut Buster.
2013 did Calgary Funnyfest again
2013 Performed at the YYC Naughty Show
2013 Completed the third level of WSET, passing with top marks. Now Andrew is an official wine snob
2014 Toured Canada from coast to coast three times.
2014 took part in the YYC Calgary Festival
2014 Headlined the first Okanagan Comedy Fest
2015 First entire room 500+ standing ovation for a Corporate to benefit the Stollery Children’s Hospital with 60 some kids in attendance. That was a miracle.
2015Two more cross country tours.
2015Invited back the host the All Star show at the Calgary YYC Fest
2016Andrew kept busy doing 3 more cross country tours.
2016Released his first Comedy Album titled “Warning Canadian Content”
2016Performing in the YYC All Star show gala.
2016Andrew has been asked to host the Calgary Music Awards                                                                                                                                      2017 Invited to do his 8th FunnyFest in Calgary                    2018 Andrew got invited to the Hubcap Festival in Moncton                                                                                                                                    2018 Performed as one of 6 English comics at the HA! Comedy festival in Quebec                                                                                                      2018 Andrew spearheaded a 6 date theater tour of N.B. called the Homecoming Tour                                                                                               2018 A true road warrior Andrew was booked 49 of 52 weekends in 2018.                                                                                                                  2019 Released his second album “Guns N’ Yoga.   2019 Earned a spot at the All Star Gala at the Halifax Comedy Festival.
…Future Andrew is looking to meld his two passions of wine and funny on a TV show. Stay tuned

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